Some Seascapes by Helen Boden


Some Seascapes    Helen Boden


  1. Graphic


‘She gets so attached to things’

they’d say in other rooms, thinking,

or not, she was out of earshot.

It’s true she insisted on keeping

the wrappings from Christmas presents,

tried to hold onto holidays, clutching the rail

at the back of the boat as islands receded



begins her newest fable

from this July’s fortnight

in a shore cottage in Sleat



an inkblot cloud pursues the Ardvasar


galleon         sail         cloud

all speech bubbles

flurries of vowels        morphemes       ideas

on a punctuation-flecked sea


swirls       whorls

of inverted commas

conversation billows

between  the Ardvasar and the Glenelg


a thought detaches from the former          memory sprays

a wake for the clearances


will they consolidate

into a skerry of memory?


night        nautical twilight       civil twilight       day

calm       storm      calm      storm     calm


plot the sound


I saw three . .


      2. Clearance


galleon parts the coasts

of Knoydart        Sleat

like a centrifugal force

pursued by inkblot clouds


funnels our thought


when the storm has passed

through the vessel


is that a second ship

or fata morgana

the soul of the boat

or its counterpart

inverted on the horizon

beyond         the end of the sound


are the ships    or weather    fugitive –

one vessel the other’s unconscious      or ours


galleon drops anchor in the sound

sets a nightlight

a thousand onshore lights

glow back          as the darkest hour departs


departs for Carolina


leaves a filigree wake

a waning moon


a morning sun like marbled paper




All skeletal-chalked –

fine lines of its rigging

fresh-vein the moon





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